Hélène Duret (Compositions, clarinet, bass clarinet), Sylvain Debaisieux (Tenor Saxophone), Benjamin Sauzereau (Guitar), Fil Caporali (Double Bass), Maxime Rouayroux (Drums)

« A synesthete » is a person who keeps the perception of reality from early childhood, thus associating words, numbers, letters, sounds, smells… to colours. Synestet, a jazz & improvised music quintet, is a call to the senses, where perception of music becomes a mixture of colors, shapes, smells.

5 franco-belgian musicians, thirsty for games & musical expression, all united to the intiative of clarinet player Hélène Duret around original compositions. Between Jimmy Giuffre, Duke Ellington and Jakob Bro, this new encounter offers a music that is driven by the search of openness, simplicity, inventivity and let’s a lot of space to improvisation.